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This page is dedicated to plants who have already blown their budgets on a competitor's PLC training
- that didn't quite work out.



"Sorry - but we've already spent our PLC training budget for another vendor's classes  with very poor results."

Unfortunately, we hear that a lot when we call on new customers especially after one of our ten minute demonstration lessons. The sad story usually goes something along these lines:

"Ron, I wish I had known about your training a year ago. I recently put my entire maintenance crew through a full PLC training program with one of your competitors. Most of my people got a little bit better - but none of them have all of the troubleshooting skills that they really need. I'm convinced that you could have done a better job for us but now it's too late. I've already spent my entire training budget. If I go back upstairs and ask for more money, I'll get myself fired."

So where does that leave us? The customer loses. The students lose. We lose. The only ones who really come out on top are our competitors. And since most of them don't offer a guarantee, there's not much that the customer can do about the situation. Unfortunately there's not much that we can do about it either - except sympathize and make one final goodwill offer.

Call us up and tell us your own sad "blown the budget" story. In most cases we'll let you send one student to our next PLC Boot Camp class - absolutely free. Think of it as those deals where Pizza Hut accepts the coupons from Dominos. Basically we want you to see what you missed out on so that you'll know who to call the next time you need PLC training. And if your company has other plants, we hope that you'll pass the word along to them too.




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