Schedule of classes

Read this important note from Ron:




The calendar year 2018 will be my last year of teaching before I retire.

The only class that I plan to teach is the C1540 course for the ControlLogix platform.

The price will remain $2,590.00 per student.

I will not be posting a schedule of classes for this year. Instead - please call if you're interested in registering - and we'll talk about the scheduling during our discussion.

Seating will be extremely limited. I recommend that you call early to reserve a slot.

Please consider that I am only remaining in business in order to accommodate commercial customers. Specifically, I will not have slots available for students who wish to "pay their own way" during this last year of operation.


For more information, or to register, just contact us at:
843-437-1883          - phone - email
we never use text - in or out

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