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Note from Ron: In response to a great many requests from my customers, I've decided to put together a regular series of short quizzes on various PLC-related topics. If my teaching schedule will allow it, I hope to make these available at the rate of about one every two months or so. The format will be along the same lines as the student classroom exercises covered in the PLC Boot Camp classes. Beside sending these out by email to those who have requested them, I plan to post the complete series in this section of the website in a handy PDF format. Answers for each quiz will also be posted here as separate PDF files. Some quizzes will be intended for students at a "Beginner Level" - and others will be more appropriate for "Beyond Beginner" technicians. I hope that you'll find these entertaining and educational. I'll be adding more material here in the future as my schedule permits.

Beginner Level  #110 - "Scan Sequence"          Questions Answers
Beyond Beginner #210 - "Scan Sequence"          Questions Answers

Beginner Level  #115 - "Toggling and Forcing"   Questions Answers
Beyond Beginner #215 - "Toggling and Forcing"   Questions Answers

Beginner Level  #121 - "Surprises at Go-To-Run" Questions Answers 
Beginner Level  #122 - "More About Go-To-Run"   coming soon
Beyond Beginner #220 - "Issues with Pre-Scan"   coming soon
Advanced Level  #320 - "Power-Down/Power-Up"    coming soon

If you have questions about the material contained in any of our quizzes, feel free to give us a call. If you decide to ask a question by email, please include a telephone number where we may reach you. A few minutes of conversation is often much more effective than an hour or two of typing questions and explanations back and forth.

You may also want to open a topic for discussion on either of the excellent public web forums listed below. Forum members from around the world will be happy to help if you're having trouble understanding some of the concepts involved. Registration is free. I read these forums regularly and will contribute to the discussion as much as my schedule will allow. and

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