DHRIO Module - do your systems need "blue hose" connections?

Many existing plants have an extremely large investment in older "1771" style I/O hardware and in the solid old PLC-5 controllers. Upgrading to a newer ControlLogix system is often done in stages so maintaining  communication with the existing hardware is usually a necessity.

The 1756-DHRIO module provides a means of connecting the legacy cables (usually known as "blue hose") to the ControlLogix system.

The "DH" in the module's catalog number refers to Data Highway Plus which is the native communication network for the PLC-5 processor family. The "RIO" indicates that the module can also handle Remote Input and Output connections.

Our Boot Camp classes can provide hands-on exercises in using the 1756-DHRIO module for communicating over a Data Highway Plus network and in working with Remote I/O systems.  


Reference material on Allen-Bradley's website

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